An extinguished state of release (liberation) – either an acquired one, in which all samsaric sufferings and their causes have been removed forever or a naturally occurring one, in which all stains of impossible existence have always been removed. The Tibetan term means, literally, "a state beyond sorrow."

Tibetan: མྱ་ངན་འདས། mya-ngan-'das

Sanskrit: nirvāṇa

Pali: nibbāna

J. Hopkins: Nirvana; Liberation; Liberated

Other languages

العربية: نيرفانا
Deutsch: Nirvana
Español: Nirvana
Italiano: Nirvana
Русский: Нирвана
Tiếng Việt: Niết bàn
简体中文: 涅磐
繁體中文: 涅磐

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