Nominal disturbing emotion

In the Sakya and Nyingma schools, the unawareness concerning persons that is ignorant of the fact that the existence of persons cannot be established in any of the four impossible extreme manners – as things that are truly and unimputedly existent, totally nonexistent, both, or neither – and the disturbing emotions that are based on it. Nominal disturbing emotions are included among the cognitive obscurations, not the emotional obscurations.

Tibetan: ཉོན་མོངས་ཀྱི་མིང་བཏགས་པ། nyon-mongs-kyi ming-btags-pa

Synonyms: Non-disturbing states of mind labeled with the name disturbing emotion; Non-disturbing, but labeled as disturbing disturbing emotion

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Deutsch: Nominelle störende Emotion

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