A shravaka or pratyekabuddha arya who, with an accustoming pathway mind (path of meditation), aims for and then attains a true stopping of the first six of the nine grades of automatically arising disturbing emotions associated with minds on the plane of sensory desires (desire realm) and thus will return with another samsaric rebirth only one more time before gaining liberation as an arhat. Those who aim for this attainment are known as enterer once-returners (phyir-'ong-zhugs-pa) and those who have attained this aim are known as resultant abider once-returners (phyir-'ong 'bras-gnas).

Tibetan: ཕྱིར་འོང་བ། ལན་གཅིག་ཕྱིར་འོང་བ། phyir-'ong-ba; lan-gcig phyir-'ong-ba

Sanskrit: āgāmin; sakṛdāgāmin

Pali: āgāmin; sakadāgāmin

Other languages

Deutsch: Einmal-Wiederkehrer
Русский: Единожды возвращающийся
Tiếng Việt: Tư đà hàm