Secret mandala

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(1) As a symbol of the universe, the offering of the subtlest level of mind, clear light, generated into a blissful awareness and used as the mind that understands voidness, or the offering of the blissful aspect of a clear light blissful awareness of voidness. (2) According to Akhu Sherab Gyatso, an offering, with a dakini as a symbol, of one's understanding that the three circles of the mandala offering – the person making it, the object to whom it is offered and the mandala offering itself – are all equally the play or emanation of the subtlest mind that is inseparably both a blissful awareness and an understanding of voidness.

Tibetan: གསང་བའི་དཀྱིལ་འཁོར། gsang-ba'i dkyil-'khor

Synonyms: Hidden mandala

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Deutsch: Geheimes Mandala
Русский: Тайная мандала

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