Self-established existence

Existence of something established or proven by the fact that when one searches for the referent thing (btags-don), the actual "thing" referred to by a name or concept, corresponding to the names or concepts for something, that referent thing is findable on the side of the object as a focal support. The existence of that referent thing is established by a self-establishing nature.

Tibetan: རང་བཞིན་གྱིས་གྲུབ་པ། rang-bzhin-gyis grub-pa

Sanskrit: svabhāvasiddha

J. Hopkins: Inherent existence; Inherently established

Synonyms: Existence established by something's self-nature; Inherent existence; Findably established existence

Other languages

Deutsch: Selbst-begründete Existenz
Français: Existence auto-établie

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