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A Hinayana practitioner that strives toward liberation as an arhat based on listening to the teachings of the Buddha. Literally, "listeners" to Buddha's teachings - practitioners of the Hinayana vehicle who, motivated by renunciation, strive to attain liberation from uncontrollably recurring rebirth (samsara) and to become an arhat (liberated being). They practice, based on having listened to (heard) Buddha's teachings.

Tibetan: nyan-thos

Sanskrit: shravaka

J. Hopkins: Hearer

Synonyms: Hearer; Listener

Other languages

العربية: شيرافاكا
Deutsch: Shravaka
Français: Shravaka
Italiano: Shravaka
Русский: Шравака
Tiếng Việt: Thanh văn
简体中文: 声闻者
繁體中文: 聲聞者

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