Superficial true phenomenon

(1) In the Vaibhashika tenet system, a true phenomenon that is dependent on parts or on a basis for imputation and which, when cut or analyzed, is unable to stand in its own place – in other words, is unable to retain its identity. (2) In the Sautrantika system, a true phenomenon that is a convention – namely, a static metaphysical entity, such as a category designated with a word or name – that is a mentally labeled on the basis of an objective entity.

Tibetan: ཀུན་རྫོབ་བདེན་པ། kun-rdzob bden-pa

Sanskrit: saṃvṛtisatya

J. Hopkins: Conventional truth; Obscurational truth

Synonyms: Conventional true phenomenon; Relative true phenomenon; Apparent true phenomenon

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