How to Meditate on Dzogchen

Dzogchen meditation entails accessing rigpa, one’s own pure awareness, and realizing that it is complete with all good qualities. Rigpa corresponds to clear light mental activity that knows its own two-truth nature. Although the continuity of each being’s individual basis rigpa is unstained, with no beginning and no end, there is also a beginningless factor, called “dumbfoundedness” that automatically arises simultaneously with each moment of cognition. It obscures rigpa’s innate good quality of reflexive deep awareness of its own two-truth nature. When basis rigpa is flowing together with this fleeting factor of dumbfoundedness, basis rigpa is functioning as an alaya for habits of grasping for truly established existence. The aim of dzogchen meditation is to attain a true stopping of the alaya for habits and the complete functioning of all the innate good qualities of rigpa in order to be of fullest benefit to all beings.