Appearance-making of dependently arising existents

The aspect of a limited being's sensory or mental non-conceptual mental activity that gives rise to (makes) a mental hologram (rnam-pa, mental aspect) of a moment of sensibilia, such as colored patches in visual cognition. (1) As explained by the Sakya master Gorampa and the Rime master Kongtrul, such a mental hologram is a hologram of a part on which the mental hologram of a commonsense object subsequently dependently arises as a mental synthesis in a conceptual cognition. (2) As explained by the Karma Kagyu, Shangpa Kagyu, and Jonang traditions and the Sakya master Shakya Chogden, such a mental hologram is a hologram of something that arises from the first of the twelve links of dependent arising, unawareness (ignorance).

Tibetan: རྟེན་འབྲེལ་སྣང་བ། rten-'brel snang-ba

Synonyms: Appearance of a dependently arising existent

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Deutsch: Hervorbringen von Erscheinungen von abhängig enstehendem Existierenden

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