Conceptual representation

Equivalent to a conceptual isolate specifying an individual item. (1) According to Gelug, the type of static implicative negation phenomenon, for instance "nothing-other-than a table" that arises (appears) in conceptual cognition, equivalent to the actual involved object of the conceptual cognition, for instance a table, but lacking a form of its own. It is fully transparent so that, through it, one directly cognizes the fully transparent mental hologram (mental aspect) of a table and, through that, an external phenomenon (the table) as the involved object. (2) According to non-Gelug, a static conceptual category, such as a commonsense table, and a static mental synthesis of a commonsense table that arise (appear) as the involved objects in conceptual cognition.

Tibetan: སྣང་བ། snang-ba

J. Hopkins: Appearance

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