Eight actual attainments

The extraphysical powers shared in common with non-Buddhists, gained from mastery of the anuttarayoga tantra generation stage practices, including sadhana visualization, mantra repetition, and fire-pujas. There are two lists of the eight: (A) According to "Questions of the Four Goddesses" (Lha-mo bzhis zhu-ba), an explanatory tantra of Guhyasamaja, a father tantra: (1) pill (ri-lu) - rendering the body radiant and golden in color, with strong perseverance in constructive deeds, (2) eye-medicine (mig-sman) – rendering one invisible, able to see treasures underground and able to bring others under one's control by a glance; (3) underground (sa-'og) – rendering one able to move underground and through solid matter like a fish through water, (4) sword (ral-gri) – rendering one the ability to go anywhere, such as Dakini land or Mount Meru, just by holding it, (5) flying through the sky (nam-mkhar-'phur-ba) – rendering one able to fly, (6) invisibility (mi-snang) – rendering one invisible; (7) immortality ('chi-ba-med) – rendering one able to live long and avoid death, and (8) defeat of sicknesses (nad-'joms) – rendering one able to overcome any sickness. They are represented by the eight animals below Vajrabhairava's eight right legs. (B) According to "Vajra tent" (rDo-rje gur, Skt. Vajrapañjara), an explanatory tantra of Hevajra, a mother tantra: (1) eye-medicine, (2) swift-footedness (rkang-mgyogs) – rendering one able to run great distances at great speed, (3) sword, (4) underground, (5) pill, (6) moving through the sky (mkha'-spyod), (7) invisibility and (8) taking the essence (bcud-len) – rendering one able to live from eating only a tiny, specially consecrated pill.

Tibetan: དངོས་གྲུབ་བརྒྱད། dngos-grub brgyad

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