Eight ripened favorable qualities

Eight additional qualities of a precious human rebirth, which have ripened from constructive actions, that make such a rebirth even more favorable for Dharma study and practice and for benefiting others: (1) a long life (tshe-ring-ba), (2) a sound, handsome and healthy body (gzugs bzang-po, excellent body), (3) a good, reputable family (rigs mtho-ba, high caste), (4) great wealth (dbang-phyug che-ba), (5) honesty and credibility of speech (tshig-btsun), (6) renown as having a strong influence (on others) (dbang che-bar grags), (7) being masculine (skyes-pa-nyid yin-pa) and (8) having a powerful body and mind (lus-sems stobs-dang ldan-pa).

Tibetan: རྣམ་སྨིན་གྱི་ཡོན་ཏན་བརྒྱད། rnam-smin-gyi yon-tan brgyad

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Deutsch: Acht gereifte förderliche Qualitäten