Eight transmissions for actualization

The eight main sets of Buddha-figures (yidams, tantric deities), together with their tantras and sadhanas, transmitted in the mahayoga tantra systems of the Nyingma school: (1) Manju for body ('jam-dpal sku), (2) Padma (lotus) for speech (pad+ma gsung), (3) Yangdag for mind (yang-dag thugs), (4) Amrta (nectar) for good qualities (bdud-rtsi yon-tan), (5) Dagger for activities (phur-pa 'phrin-las), (6) Mamo cannibal demons for siccing, (ma-mo rbod-gtong), (7) Mogpa for forceful mantras (dmog-pa drag-sngags) and (8) Loka (worldly) for offerings and praise ('jig-rten mchod-bstod). The first five are supramundane deity systems and the last three are mundane.

Tibetan: སྒྲུབ་པ་བཀའ་བརྒྱད། sgrub-pa bka'-brgyad

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