Eighty indicative conceptual minds

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The eighty universally occurring types of subtle conceptual minds (subtle mental activity) that arise from the three appearance-making subtlest conceptual minds during the re-emergence sequence from the clear light subtlest mind. They are divided into three sets of 7, 40 and 30, each of which has a progressively stronger movement of the energy-wind on which it rides. This is indicative that the three subtlest conceptual minds, as well as the disturbing emotions of naivety, longing desire and hostility, likewise ride on progressively stronger movements of energy-wind. As conceptual minds, the eighty give rise to object categories (don-spyi), but lack manifest grasping for truly established existence. They have unmanifest grasping for true existence in the form of a dormant factor and so merely give rise to an appearance of truly established existence but do not grasp for it to correspond to reality. When the energy-winds get stronger and manifest grasping for truly established existence arises, they give rise to the disturbing emotions.

Tibetan: རང་བཞིན་ཀུན་རྟོག་བརྒྱད་ཅུ། rang-bzhin kun-rtog brgyad-cu

Synonyms: Eighty indicative-nature subtle conceptual minds; Eighty preconscious primitive conceptual minds

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Deutsch: Achtzig Arten von hinweisendem konzeptuellen Geist

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