Grasping for an impossible "soul"

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A general term that includes grasping for the impossible "soul" of a person and grasping for an impossible "soul" of phenomena. The mind, when focused on the conventional self or on all phenomena, giving rise to an appearance of an impossible mode of existence of its object and, with incorrect consideration and unawareness (ignorance), taking the mode of appearance to correspond to the object's actual mode of existence. Sometimes used just to refer to grasping for the impossible "soul" of persons.

Tibetan: བདག་འཛིན། bdag-'dzin

Sanskrit: ātmagrāha

Synonyms: Grasping for an impossible self; Grasping for an impossible "me"; Grasping for a false "me"; Self-grasping; Grasping for an impossible identity

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Deutsch: Greifen nach einer unmöglichen Seele

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