Inciting karmic impulse

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The mental factor of an urge (sems-pa), a karmic impulse of the mind, which, like a magnet, draws the mental consciousness and its accompanying additional mental factors, such as intention ('dun-pa), compelling them to focus on an object and think about committing an intended action of body or speech with or to that object – the action that the accompanying mental factor of intention identifies as what you wish and intend to do with or to it. Thus, an inciting karmic impulse brings on an action of the mind, which, once the pathway of that impulse (las-lam) reaches its finale of reaching the decision to commit the action, subsequently may or may not lead to enacting that action.

Tibetan: སེམས་པའི་ལས། sems-pa'i las

Synonyms: Inciting karmic urge

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Deutsch: Anregender karmischer Impuls

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