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As a type of exclusion phenomenon, an implicative negation phenomenon, equivalent to a "nothing-other-than," which, after excluding everything that is not a specific object "x" (everything other than "x"), leaves in its wake that specific object. Thus, it is, in a sense, equivalent to that object that it specifies. There are three types of isolate: (1) a static conceptual exclusion, (2) a nonstatic object exclusion specifying an individually characterized object, and (3) a nonstatic isolate specifying a signifier.

Tibetan: ལྡོག་པ། ldog-pa

J. Hopkins: Specifier; Distinguisher

Synonyms: Isolator; Specifier

Other languages

Deutsch: Isolat; Spezifizierer
Español: Reverso
Русский: Изолят

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