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A set of four disturbing emotions and disturbing attitudes: (1) obtainer desire, (2) an obtainer deluded outlook, (3) holding deluded morality or conduct as supreme, and (4) asserting one's identity, and which, when occurring at the time of death, constitute the ninth link of dependent arising. By activating, together with craving, throwing karma, they help to "obtain" for one a next rebirth.

Tibetan: ལེན་པ། ཉེ་བར་ལེན་པ། len-pa; nye-bar len-pa

Sanskrit: upādāna

J. Hopkins: Grasping

Synonyms: Grasping; Obtainer disturbing emotions and disturbing attitudes

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Deutsch: Herbeiführer
Italiano: Ottenitore
Русский: Получатель

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