Right absorbed concentration

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One of the branches of the eightfold noble path. (a) For ordinary beings, as part of the higher training in absorbed concentration, gradually developing meditative abilities through daily meditation practice. (b) For aryas, one of the three branches that serve as antidotes – namely, meditation on the sixteen aspects of the four noble truths and on their lack of the two kinds of impossible "souls" (their selflessness of persons and selflessness of phenomena) as an antidote to the obscurations that prevent the attainment of special good qualities, such as the six types of advanced awareness.

Tibetan: ཡང་དག་པའི་ཏིང་ངེ་འཛིན། yang-dag-pa'i ting-nge-'dzin

Synonyms: Right concentration

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Deutsch: Rechte vertiefte Konzentration

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