Six yogas of Naropa

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A set of six anuttarayoga complete stage practices outlined by the Indian mahasiddha Naropa and transmitted in the Dagpo Kagyu, Sakya and Gelug traditions in Tibet: (1) tummo (inner heat), (2) illusory body, including dream yoga, (3) clear light, (4) transference of consciousness ('pho-ba), (5) entering the citadel (of a corpse), and (6) bardo. In some presentations, dream yoga is listed separately, while entering the citadel is included in transference of consciousness. In another presentation, unity (zung-'jug) is listed, while bar-do is included in illusory body.

Tibetan: ནཱ་རོ་ཆོས་དྲུག NA-ro chos-drug

Synonyms: Six teachings of Naropa

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Deutsch: Sechs Yogas von Naropa

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