Subsequent attainment

A state of mind having the joined pair of shamatha and vipashyana, and in which absorbed concentration is focused single-pointedly on a voidness that is like an illusion. It is attained only upon rising from total absorption on space-like voidness and may occur either while still in meditation or after arising from meditation. It may be either conceptual or non-conceptual.

Tibetan: རྗེས་ཐོབ། rjes-thob

Sanskrit: pṛṣṭhalabdha

J. Hopkins: State subsequent to meditative equipoise; Attainment subsequent to meditative equipoise

Synonyms: Subsequent realization; Post-meditation

Other languages

العربية: تحقق لاحق
Français: Atteinte subséquente
Italiano: Ottenimento successivo
Русский: Последующее достижение

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