Ten enrichments

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Ten factors that describe a precious human rebirth or situations in which such a rebirth occur and which enable an optimal level of Dharma practice. They include five personal situations and five social situations. The five personal enriching situations are rebirth as a human, in a central Buddhist region, with complete physical and mental faculties, still not experiencing the repercussions from having committed the most extreme destructive actions, and with instinctive belief in what is true. The five social enriching situations are rebirth where and when a Buddha has come, a Buddha has taught the Dharma, the Dharma is still maintained, with a monastic community following the Buddha’s example and with others compassionately supporting the monastic community.

Tibetan: འབྱོར་བ་བཅུ། 'byor-ba bcu

Synonyms: Ten endowments; Endowments; Enrichments

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