Totally conceptional phenomena’s lack of an essential nature of existing with defining characteristic marks

Regarding totally conceptional phenomena (static phenomena other than voidnesses) as asserted in the Chittamatra tenet system, their lack of being the type of phenomena having findable individual defining characteristic marks on their own side that establish their existence independently of being merely imputable by the conceptual cognitions of them. This is asserted to differentiate them from dependent phenomena and thoroughly established phenomena.

Tibetan: ཀུན་བརྟགས་མཚན་ཉིད་ངོ་བོ་ཉིད་མེད་པ། kun-brtags mtshan-nyid ngo-bo-nyid med-pa

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Deutsch: Fehlen einer Wesensnatur des Existierens mit definierenden charakteristischen Merkmalen völlig konzeptioneller Phänomene

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