Seeing the Dream

Then the bodhisattva Ruchira-ketu slid into sleep. He dreamed he saw a golden drum, its light shining like the orb of the sun. In every direction, countless inconceivable numbers of tathagatas were preaching the Dharma, seated on lapis thrones at the foot of jeweled trees, completely surrounded by numerous hundreds of thousands of retinues. Then he saw a being in the form of a brahmin beating that drum. From the sound of the drum, these and similar confessional verses issued forth.

Then the bodhisattva Ruchira-ketu awoke and remembered those verses at once. Having remembered those verses, when night came to an end, he along with many thousands of beings left the great city of Raja-griha. He arrived at Vulture Peak where the Tathagata was. Having reached there, he prostrated himself at the feet of the Tathagata, circumambulated the Tathagata three times and sat to one side. Sitting to one side, the bodhisattva Ruchira-ketu bowed to the Tathagata with hands folded in respect and recited those confessional verses he heard coming forth from the drum.

This ends the third chapter, the Chapter on Seeing the Dream, from the King of Glorious Sutras, the Sublime Golden Light.