Sutra of Golden Light

The title of this sutra derives from the bodhisattva Ruchira-ketu’s dream in which he saw a golden drum radiating golden light like the sun, symbolizing the enlightening Dharma of the Buddha. In the preamble of the sutra, Buddha encourages all beings experiencing sufferings such as ill health, poverty, loss, abuse, fear, nightmares and so on to recite this sutra. Doing so will exhaust all their negative karmic potentials, grant them peace and happiness, and eliminate their suffering. The following chapters focus on topics such as confession and rejoicing, dependent arising, karma, rebirth and awe-inspiring stories of the Buddha’s previous lives, all in easily understandable language. Mahayana Buddhists throughout Asia emphasize the tremendous benefits that derive from reciting this sutra for building up positive force (merit), creating world peace, protecting one’s country and averting natural disasters. It is recommended to recite the sutra aloud, so others who hear it may also benefit.