Praise by All the Bodhisattvas

Then those hundreds of thousands of bodhisattvas approached the Tathagata Suvarna-ratna-kara-cchatra-kuta. Paying homage with their heads at the feet of the Tathagata Suvarna-ratna-kara-cchatra-kuta, they stood to one side. Having stood to one side, the numerous hundreds of thousands of bodhisattvas folded their hands in reverence and praised the Tathagata Suvarna-ratna-kara-cchatra-kuta in these verses:

O Conqueror, your body resembles refined gold, for its glorious presence possesses a golden hue. You are golden like the golden king of mountains. The White Lotus Seer has features of gold.

Sublime major marks adorn your body in full; sublime minor signs embellish your body parts. You are brilliant and possess the fine splendor of gold. Utterly pristine, serene as the lord of mountains, you have the voice of Brahma and Brahma’s melodic sound.

You roar the rumbling song of the lion and that of the dragon too; your sixty-fold melody echoes and resounds. Conqueror, your melody holds cuckoo and peacock songs. Utterly without stain, spotless and immaculate with glorious light, O Conqueror, marks of hundreds of virtues adorn you.

Your ocean of wisdom is supremely flawless and pristine; Conqueror, like Sumeru you are endowed with every virtue. With supreme compassion for the welfare of beings, you are the supreme bestower of peace upon the world. Granting the state of tranquility beyond death, O Conqueror, you expound the highest sublime truth and usher in the serenity beyond suffering.

O Conqueror, through revealing the nectar of the Dharma you usher in the deathless city; an abode of peace, you are the source of everything serene.

O Conqueror, you free migrating beings from suffering and liberate creatures from the ocean of misery; you place them well upon the path to peace and give happiness to every being.

Nothing can be found that is comparable to the sage’s ocean of virtue and wisdom. Possessing compassion for beings laden with life, you have the powers of love, perseverance and skill. There is none among beings, even among gods, who in many thousands of millions of eons can fully explain merely one drop of virtue from the ocean of your supreme qualities.

Taking a single drop from your ocean of virtue, I have stated some only in brief. By whatever merit I have thus gathered, may beings touch supreme enlightenment.

This ends the nineteenth chapter, the Chapter on Praise by All the Bodhisattvas, from the King of Glorious Sutras, the Sublime Golden Light.