Praise to All the Tathagatas

Then indeed the bodhisattva Ruchira-ketu rose from his seat, placed his upper robe over one shoulder, knelt his right knee on the ground, folded his hands in reverence towards the Tathagata and praised the Tathagata:

Lord of Sages, you are gloriously adorned with thousands of enchanting virtues; you possess the marks of hundreds of merits; with your sumptuous complexion, you appear supremely serene as one thousand suns shining forth with dazzling light.

Blazing with myriad rays, you are engulfed with light. Resplendent with color – like jewels of blue and white, gold, lapis, copper and dawn-crystal light – you pulverize Sumeru, the vajra king of mountains. You illuminate tens of millions of worlds and soothe their fierce suffering; you satisfy beings with supreme peace.

Your complexion and six sense powers are bright and beautiful to behold. Your form is a joy for beings to constantly see. Enchantingly beautiful, your hair – the color of a peacock – shines as a lotus filled with bees.

You are adorned with the virtue of pure compassion. You have gathered sublime merit through concentration and love. Possessed of sublime minor marks in many colors, you fulfill beings with all happiness.

Beautified by enlightenment’s seven wings, you are adorned with virtues such as samadhi. Giver of well-being, all peace and happiness stem from you. You are richly adorned with an array of profound virtue and shine vividly in tens of millions of pure lands.

Gloriously radiant like a fire’s glowing light you resemble the full solar orb in the sky. Endowed with all virtue as is Mount Sumeru, you are magnanimous in every world sphere.

Like cow milk, a conch, white lily or the moon, white as pristine snow, the rows of teeth are lovely in your mouth, as the king of geese is graceful in the sky.

The precious treasure hair in the center of the horizon of your serene moon-like face curls to the right; stunningly beautiful, like lapis or the sun amidst the sky, bright with light.

This ends the twentieth chapter, the Chapter on Praise to All the Tathagatas from the King of Glorious Sutras, the Sublime Golden Light.