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Shambhala Prayer

(Shambhala'i smon-lam)

translated by Alexander Berzin, 1985

O all-around perfect Clear Evolved from First of All,
Who made the great distant lineage widespread
   in the cities of Shambhala,
My ever-vigilant sublime teacher,
Please make these words of truth come true
That I request to you.

In the city called Kapala in the northern direction –
A place where spiritual heroes expanding their hearts,
Cycles of Time, and so forth remain stable forever
And the hallowed measures are supremely widespread –
In the grandest palace, even more magnificent
Than the excellent mansion of Indra,
   the Hundred-Sacrifice Offerer,
Square with walls twelve ancient miles in length,
Blazing adorned with copious gems,
Surrounded by nine hundred million villages,
In a magnificent pleasure grove, more exceptional
Than those in the lands of the divine,
Are two symbolic round worlds, a grand and a small,
Of the Clear Evolved One from First of All.
Just to behold them heralds the supreme actual attainment.

As their cause, they are made out of priceless jewels,
To their right and left are delightful great lakes
Filled with gems and twelve ancient miles in size,
While the people have both a wealth of gems
And the wealth of passing their time
   with the preventive measures.

O sublime teacher, starting from now
Until a mere seven hundred years have been spent
And you have become Rudra the Forceful,
   the Holder of the Castes,
And have defeated the troops of the savage hordes
So that the times are made like an age
   that has everything complete,
Then without straying from the previous paths
   you have promised,
Take care of me as well, as the first of your circle.

O supreme and holy, ever-vigilant sublime teacher,
When you ride a stone-horse with the power of the wind
And, with a short spear in hand,
Stab their Infantile-Minded Bala-mati
   and defeat him for sure,
Take care of me.

When you stand supreme in the midst
   of a fearsome massed army
Of a million military forces with various colors,
Four hundred thousand trained elephants
   made drunk by spirits,
Forty billion crazed elephants, as well as golden chariots
   and armed foot-soldiers,
And you yourself stab their Infantile-Minded Bala-mati,
And when their Mahachandra-putra, Great Son of the Moon,
Riding a horse, is stabbed by the sharp weapon
   of your Hanu-manta,
Possessor of Deadly Arms,
And your twelve great divine ones
   like Forceful Rudra and so on
Put an end to all of theirs such as the would-be divine,
And your elephants soundly defeat their elephants,
Your stone-horses demolish their horses,
Your earth-protectors tame their earth-protectors,
And you cut completely the savage hordes’ continuing line,
Then when you spread all manners of the preventive measures
As exemplified by those of the Clear Evolved from First of All,
Take care of me too.

After you have taught the measures like this for many years
And then in the year of the horse, in the second month,
the twenty-second day,
With the sound of the music made by heroic
   celestial youths and maids,
When you pass together with hundreds of thousands
Along the pathway of blissful time
   to the Realm Beneath Nothing,
And manifest there as a Corpus of Full Use,
May I as well attain the highest state
   of total clearness and full evolvement.