Hundreds of Deities of Tushita


(1) I take safe direction from the Three Precious Gems; I shall liberate every limited being. To secure them all in an enlightened state, I reaffirm and correct my bodhichitta aim. [3x]

(2)  May the ground everywhere lie as smooth as the palm of the hand, free of pebbles and the like, gentle, and be made of beryl.

(3) May divine and human objects of offering, actually arrayed and those envisioned as peerless clouds of Samantabhadra offerings, completely fill the sphere of space.

(4) From the heart of the Guardian of the hundreds of deities of Tushita, the Land of Joy, on the tip of a rain-bearing cloud resembling a mound of fresh, white curd, We request you alight and grace this site, king of the Dharma, Losang Dragpa, the omniscient, with the pair of your spiritual sons.

(5) Seated on lion-thrones, lotus, and moon in the sky before us, ennobling, impeccable gurus, we request you remain, with white smiles of delight, for hundreds of eons to further the teachings as the foremost fields for growing a positive force for us with minds of belief in the facts.

(6) Your minds have the intellect that comprehends the full extent of what can be known, your speech, with its elegant explanations, becomes an adornment for the ears of those of good fortune, your bodies are radiantly handsome with glory renowned, we prostrate to you whom to behold, hear, or recall is worthwhile.

(7) Refreshing offerings of water, assorted flowers, fragrant incense, lights, scented water, and more – this ocean of clouds of offerings, actually arranged and envisioned here, we present to you foremost fields for growing a positive force.

(8) Whatever destructive actions of body, speech, and mind that we have committed, piling up over beginningless time, and especially the breaches of our three sets of vows, we openly admit, one by one, with fervent regret from our hearts.

(9) In this degenerate age, you persevered in a phenomenal amount of study and practice and, by ridding yourselves of the eight childish feelings, you made the respites and enrichments of your lives worthwhile. From the depths of our hearts, we rejoice, O Guardians, in the towering waves of your enlightening deeds.

(10) Hallowed, ennobling, impeccable gurus, from the clouds of omniscient affection that billow in the skies of your Dharmakayas, we request you release a rain of profound and vast Dharma to shower on the absorbent earth of us, eager to be tamed in fitting ways.

(11) May whatever constructive forces built up by this benefit the teachings and all those who wander, and may they especially enable the heart of the teachings of the ennobling, impeccable Losang Dragpa to beat ever on.

(12) By offering this base, anointed with fragrant waters, strewn with flowers, and decked with Mount Meru, four islands, a sun, and a moon, imagining it as a Buddha-field, may all those who wander be led to pure lands. Om idam guru ratna mandala-kam nir-yatayami. I send forth this mandala to you precious gurus.

(13) By the force of having made fervent requests in this way, from the hearts of the ennobling, impeccable father and the pair of his spiritual sons, hollow beams of white light radiate forth. Their tips combine into one and penetrate us through the crowns of our heads.

(14) Through the conduit of these white tubes of light, white nectars flow freely, the color of milk, purging us of diseases, demons, negative forces, obstacles, and constant habits, barring none. Our bodies become as pure and as clear as a crystal.

(15) You are Avalokiteshvara: a great treasure of unaimed affection, Manjushri: a commander of flawless wisdom, Vajrapani: a destroyer of all hordes of demonic forces, Tsongkhapa: the crown jewel of the erudite masters of the Land of Snows, at your feet, Losang Dragpa, we make you requests.

Migmey tzeway terchen chenray-zi/ Drime kyenpay wangpo jampel-yang/ Dupung malu jomdzay sangway-dag/ Gangchen kaypay tzug-gyen tzongkapa/ Losang dragpay shabla solwa-deb [many times]

(16) Glorious, precious root guru, come grace the lotus and moon seats at the crowns of our heads. Taking care of us through your great kindness, direct us to the actual attainments of your body, speech, and mind.

(17) Glorious, precious root guru, come grace the lotus seats at our hearts. Taking care of us through your great kindness, remain steadfast to the core of our enlightenment.

(18) By this constructive act, may we quickly actualize ourselves as Guru-Buddhas and thereafter lead to that state all wandering beings, not neglecting even one.