Kriya Tantra Practice

Kriya tantra practice entails, first, the six-step process known as the “six deities.” The first five steps – voidness, letters or syllables, sound, form, and mudra gestures – deal with generating ourselves as a Buddha figure. The sixth step, signs, covers the rest of the sadhana ritual practice – making offerings and so forth. To gain the so-called “deep awareness of nondual profound and clear,” next we develop single-minded concentration by focusing on the visualization of ourselves as the Buddha-figure while holding our breath with vase-breathing and maintaining awareness of voidness. Once we have gained proficiency in this, we practice the four types of mental stability – mental stability on the four types of recitation, on abiding in flames, on abiding on the sound and on abiding on the voidness of the sound. Through intensive practice of all these stages, we can gain full enlightenment.

Original Audio from the Seminar