Factors that are imputations on the tainted mind of a limited being (sentient being) that transform into or allow for the Corpuses (Bodies) of a Buddha. According to the Gelug Prasangika system, they include (1) the nonstatic evolving family-traits – the networks (collections) of positive force (merit) and deep awareness (wisdom), (2) the static naturally abiding family-trait – the voidness (emptiness) of the mind and (3) the nonstatic factors that allow for a Buddha's enlightening influence (‘phrin-las) to enter and affect their minds. These are the traits or characteristics of the family (caste) of all those who are able to become a Buddha, namely everyone. In the tantra systems, the Buddha-nature factors include the Buddha-family traits – body, speech, mind, good qualities and enlightening influence (Buddha-activities).

Tibetan: སངས་རྒྱས་ཀྱི་རིགས། sangs-rgyas-kyi rigs

Sanskrit: buddhagotra

J. Hopkins: Buddha lineage

Synonyms: Buddha-nature factors

Other languages

العربية: طبيعة بوذا
Deutsch: Buddha-Natur
Español: Naturaleza de buda
Français: Nature de bouddha
Italiano: Natura di buddha
Русский: Природа будды
Tiếng Việt: Phật tánh

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