Complete stage

(1) The second stage of anuttarayoga tantra practice, in which everything is now complete for engaging in the practices that act as the immediate causes for reaching enlightenment. These practices entail working with the chakras, channels, and winds of the subtle body. (2) In some non-Gelug texts, non-conceptual meditation on the voidness (emptiness) of the visualizations generated during the first stage of anuttarayoga tantra practice. This meditation is on a nondenumerable ultimate phenomenon and is done simultaneously with the visualizations, on the same stage of practice, and makes the practice of visualization complete.

Tibetan: རྫོགས་རིམ། rdzogs-rim

Sanskrit: sampannakrama

J. Hopkins: Stage of completion

Synonyms: Completion stage

Other languages

Deutsch: Vollendungsstufe
Español: Estado completo
فارسی: مرحله کامل
Italiano: Stadio di completamento
Tiếng Việt: Giai đoạn thành tựu

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