Deluded outlook

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One of a set of five disturbing attitudes that view their objects in a certain way: (1) a deluded outlook toward a transitory network, (2) an extreme outlook, (3) holding a deluded outlook as supreme, (4) an outlook of holding deluded morality or conduct as supreme and (5) a distorted outlook. They seek and regard their objects as things to latch on to, without they themselves scrutinizing, analyzing, or investigating them. They are accompanied by either an interpolation or a repudiation, but they themselves do not interpolate or repudiate anything. Equivalent to "disturbing emotion with an outlook on life" and the coined term "disturbing attitude."

Tibetan: ལྟ་བ་ཉོན་མོངས་ཅན། lta-ba nyon-mongs-can

J. Hopkins: Afflicted view

Synonyms: Disturbing deluded outlook on life; Disturbing attitude

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Français: Vision trompeuse
Italiano: Prospettiva ingannevole

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