Eight qualities of majestic command

Eight powers of a Buddha: the ability to control and use for the benefit of others: (1) body (sku), (2) speech (gsung), (3) mind (thugs), (4) emanations (rdzu-'phrul), (5) (kun-'gro) going everywhere, (6) of place (gnas), (7) whatever is wished (ci-'dod), (8) good qualities (yon-tan). In some lists, enlightening influence ('phrin-las) substitutes for place. The eight are represented by the eight types of birds beneath Vajrabhairava's eight left feet.

Tibetan: དབང་ཕྱུག་བརྒྱད། dbang-phyug brgyad

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Deutsch: Acht Qualitäten majestätischer Herrschaft