Equalizing and exchanging self and others

A method for developing a bodhichitta aim, consisting of (1) developing mere equanimity, (2) developing uncommon Mahayana equanimity, as a way to regard all others equally in the same way as one regards oneself, (3) thinking of the disadvantages of a self-cherishing attitude, (4) thinking of the advantages of cherishing others, (5) giving and taking, with attitudes of love and compassion, as a way of exchanging one's attitudes about self and others, (6) exceptional resolve, and (7) developing a bodhichitta aim.

Tibetan: བདག་གཞན་མཉམ་བརྗེ། bdag-gzhan mnyam-brje

Synonyms: Equalizing and exchanging one's attitude about self and others

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Tiếng Việt: Bình đẳng hóa và hoán chuyển ngã tha

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