Exclusion phenomenon

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A phenomenon specified in terms of the cognition that cognizes it explicitly precluding an object to be negated. Synonymous with a negation phenomenon, they include both implicative negation phenomena – such as "not a dog," the "no-longer happening of yesterday" and the "not-yet-happening of tomorrow" – and nonimplicative negation phenomena such as voidness, space, and isolates. (1) According to Gelug, they may be either static or nonstatic. (2) According to non-Gelug, they are all static phenomena.

Tibetan: གཞན་སེལ། gzhan-sel

Sanskrit: apoha

J. Hopkins: Other-exclusion; Other-eliminator; Exclusion-of-the-other

Synonyms: Exclusion; Exclusion of something else; Exclusion of something other

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Deutsch: Ausschluss-Phänomen

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