Extreme outlook

The disturbing attitude that regards one's five samsara-perpetuating aggregates in either an eternalist or nihilistic way. (1) According to Vasubandhu, an extreme outlook that views the samsara-producing aggregate factors themselves as either lasting eternally or ending totally at death, with no continuity in future lives. (2) According to Tsongkhapa, a disturbing, deluded discriminating awareness that focuses on the conventional "me" and considers it either as having a truly existent identity permanently or as not having continuity in future lives.

Tibetan: mthar-'dzin-pa'i lta-ba

Sanskrit: antagrahadrshti

J. Hopkins: View holding to an extreme.

Other languages

العربية: منظور متطرف
Italiano: Prospettiva estrema
Русский: Крайнее воззрение

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