Five forces

(1) As one of the sets of the thirty-seven factors leading to a purified state: belief in fact, perseverance, mindfulness, absorbed concentration and discriminating awareness, able to eliminate their opposing factors – disbelief in fact, laziness, forgetfulness, distraction and incorrect discriminating awareness – fully developed with an applying pathway of mind (path of preparation). (2) As one of the seven points of mind training: intention, white seed, habituation, eliminating all at once, and prayer, for condensed practice during one's lifetime and also as the method for the Mahayana transference of mind at the time of death.

Tibetan: སྟོབས་ལྔ། stobs-lnga

Other languages

Deutsch: Fünf Kräfte
Español: Cinco fuerzas
Русский: Пять сил

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