Five major fields of knowledge

The major topics of study in the ancient Indian Buddhist monasteries: (1) art and craftsmanship (bzo rig-pa, Skt. shilpa-vidya), (2) medicine (gso-ba rig-pa, Skt. cikitsa-vidya), (3) languages and grammar (sgra rig-pa, Skt. shabda-vidya), (4) logic (gtan-tshig rig-pa, Skt. hetu-vidya), and (5) inner or exceptional self-knowledge (nang-rig-pa, Skt. adhyatma-vidya). Someone who masters all five is conferred the degree "mahapandit" (pan-chen; great learned master).

Tibetan: rig-gnas che-ba lnga

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Русский: Пять основных областей знания

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