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A general term used to describe phenomena that are dependent on – literally, "tied to" – other phenomena as their basis for existence and for being validly knowable. It includes the imputation of noncongruent affecting variables and static phenomena such as voidness and space on a basis for imputation, mental labeling of categories on a basis for labeling, designation of words and names on a basis for designation, and imputation of wholes on parts.

Tibetan: བཏགས་པས་འདོགས་པ། btags-pas 'dogs-pa

Sanskrit: prajñapti

Synonyms: Imputation phenomenon

Other languages

العربية: إيعاز
Deutsch: Zuschreibung
Español: Imputación
Français: Imputation
Русский: Приписывание
Tiếng Việt: Sự quy gán

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