Nonrevealing form

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A subtle form of physical phenomenon, asserted by the Vaibhashika, Sautrantika-Svatantrika and Prasangika Madhyamaka schools, that is caused by a strong constructive or destructive motivation, but which does not show ("reveal") that motivation. Such a phenomenon is part of a mental continuum but is not felt on that continuum. It does not degenerate from moment to moment. It can only be an object of mental cognition, and it must be either constructive or destructive. Examples are the various types of vows.

Tibetan: རྣམ་པར་རིག་བྱེད་མ་ཡིན་པའི་གཟུགས། rnam-par rig-byed ma-yin-pa'i gzugs

Sanskrit: avijñaptirūpa

J. Hopkins: Non-revelatory form

Synonyms: Non-revealing form

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Deutsch: Nichtoffenbarende Form
Italiano: Forma non rivelante

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