(1) In Theravada, the mental factor of not becoming angry at others' shortcomings, mistakes, or cruel deeds. (2) In Mahayana, the mental urge that leads one to be unperturbed by those who do harm and by suffering, so that one never becomes angry. When conjoined with a bodhichitta aim, patience becomes a far-reaching attitude.

Tibetan: བཟོད་པ། bzod-pa

Sanskrit: kṣānti

Pali: khanti

J. Hopkins: Forbearance

Other languages

العربية: الصبر
Deutsch: Geduld
Français: Patience
Italiano: Pazienza
Русский: Терпение
Tiếng Việt: Sư nhẫn nại, nhẫn nhục

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