Selflessness of persons

Redirected from Lack of an impossible "soul" of persons

The total absence (voidness) of something findable inside the five aggregate factors of an individual being that is static, a partless monad, separable from the body and mind, and self-sufficiently knowable.

Tibetan: གང་ཟག་གི་བདག་མེད། gang-zag-gi bdag-med

Sanskrit: pudgalānātman

Synonyms: Identitylessness of persons; Lack of an impossible "soul" of persons; Lack of an impossible "me"

Other languages

العربية: انعدام الذاتية الشخصية
Deutsch: Selbstlosigkeit von Personen
Tiếng Việt: Nhân vô ngã, sự vô ngã của một con người

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