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A subdivision of the Madhyamaka school within the Indian Buddhist tenet systems that refutes truly established existence by relying on lines of reasoning the members of which have existence established from their own sides. Gelug adds to this definition that it also asserts that all phenomena lack existence established by an essential nature and truly established existence, but nevertheless conventionally have existence established by their individual defining characteristic marks and self-established existence.

Tibetan: རང་རྒྱུད་པ། rang-rgyud-pa

Sanskrit: svātantrika

J. Hopkins: Autonomy school; Svātantrika

Synonyms: Svatantrika Madhyamaka

Other languages

Deutsch: Svatantrika
Italiano: Svatantrika
Русский: Сватантрика
Tiếng Việt: Phái y tự khởi

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