How to Use the Guided Meditations

By following these guided meditations, we can build up beneficial habits.
Meditatation how to use the guided meditations

Goal – Discover what is meditation in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition; learn how to do it; and receive guidance in training

Audience – All levels, ages


  • Explanation (problem, cause, example, method)
  • Meditation (guided with keywords) 
  • Summary 

Where to practice – Anywhere that is quiet, clean and not messy 

When to practice – In the mornings before becoming involved in the day’s activities. If not possible, then at the end of the day, before going to sleep.

How to sit – Cross-legged with your backside on a cushion that is not too high, too low, too soft or too hard. If not possible, then on a straight-back chair. In both cases, keep your back straight and your hands folded in your lap. Best is to keep your eyes half-open, loosely focused, looking down at the floor. 

How often to meditate – At least once a day, twice if possible (morning before work and night before sleep), every day for at least a week on each guided meditation, following the order in which they are listed on the website. At any time, you may repeat a past meditation when you feel the need. 

For further instructions – 

[See: How to Meditate]