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(1) A practitioner, of the shravaka, pratyekabuddha or bodhisattva class, who has achieved a true stopping of the emotional obscurations (nyon-sgrib) and thus has attained liberation (Skt. nirvāṇa) from uncontrollably recurring rebirth (Skt. saṃsāra). (2) In the case of shravaka arhats and pratyekabuddha arhats, those who aim for and then attain a true stopping of all nine graded of automatically arising disturbing emotions associated with minds on the plane of ethereal forms (form realm) and plane of formless beings (formless realm). Those who, with an accustoming pathway mind (path of meditation), aim for this attainment are known as enterer arhats (dgra-bcom zhugs-pa) and those who, with a pathway mind needing no further training (path of no more learning), have attained this aim are known as resultant abider arhats (dgra-bcom 'bras-gnas).

Tibetan: དགྲ་བཅོམ་པ། dgra-bcom-pa

Sanskrit: arhat

Pali: arahant

J. Hopkins: Foe Destroyer; Worthy One

Synonyms: Liberated being; Foe-destroyer

Other languages

العربية: أرهات
Deutsch: Arhat
Español: Arhat
Italiano: Arhat
Русский: Архат
Tiếng Việt: A la hán
简体中文: 阿罗汉
繁體中文: 阿羅漢

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