A tantric ritual, found in all four classes of tantra, that activates and empowers Buddha-nature factors to grow so that, through repeated, sustained tantric practice, they will eventually transform into the Three Corpuses (Bodies) of a Buddha. An empowerment also plants new seeds, or potentials, that will likewise grow in the same manner.

Tibetan: དབང་། dbang

Sanskrit: abhiṣeka

J. Hopkins: Empowerment; Initiation; Consecration

Synonyms: Initiation

Other languages

العربية: التمكين
Deutsch: Ermächtigung
Español: Empoderamiento
Français: Initiation
Italiano: Potenziamento
Tiếng Việt: Lễ quán đảnh
简体中文: 加持
繁體中文: 加持

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