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(1) In the Sautrantika, Chittamatra, and Madhyamaka schools other than Gelug Prasangika, the mental factor (subsidiary awareness) to restrain from a certain type of detrimental behavior, which, during a specific ceremony, one has formally promised to restrain from. (2) In the Vaibhashika and Gelug-Prasangika systems, a non-revealing form on a person's mental continuum that performs the same function as in (1) by shaping one's behavior.

Tibetan: སྡོམ་པ། sdom-pa

Sanskrit: saṃvara

Synonyms: Vowed restraint; Precept

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العربية: عهد
Deutsch: Gelübde
Français: Vœu
Italiano: Voto
Русский: Обет

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