Four Hundred Verse Treatise

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Written by Aryadeva, based on teachings received from his teacher Nagarjuna, this is one of the most important texts on the Madhyamaka teachings on voidness (emptiness). The first four chapters indicate methods for ridding ourselves of the incorrect consideration of our bodies as being permanent, pleasurable, clean and “mine.” The next four chapters present ways to engage in bodhisattva behavior, ways to rid ourselves of disturbing emotions and craving for pleasurable objects, and ways to train disciples. The third set of four provide points to meditate on for refuting static functional phenomena, a static self, truly existent time, and attraction to distorted views. The last four chapters present points to meditate on for refuting truly existent cognitive objects and cognitive sensors, grasping at extremes, collected phenomena as ultimately truly arising, and for gaining certainty about voidness.