Deep awareness of the sphere of reality

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One of the five types of deep awareness that all beings have as an aspect of Buddha-nature. The deep awareness of the superficial truth of something – namely, awareness of what it is. When developed on the spiritual path, this deep awareness may also be of the deepest truth of something – namely, its voidness.

Tibetan: ཆོས་དབྱིངས་ཡེ་ཤེས། chos-dbyings ye-shes

Sanskrit: dharmadhātujñāna

J. Hopkins: Exalted wisdom of the element of qualities; Exalted wisdom of the sphere of reality; Exalted wisdom of the nature of phenomena

Synonyms: Deep awareness of reality; Dharmadhatu deep awareness; Reality deep awareness

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Tiếng Việt: Pháp giới thể tánh trí

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